Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kate & Chris - Royalton Wedding

Dear Bob and Spitz and Peck employees,

First, our apologies for the long overdue thank you!  The flowers you provided us for our wedding day were simply amazing and gorgeous!!  We loved  our centerpieces - everyone told us how stunning they were and how they were their favorite centerpieces they have ever seen at a wedding.

We agree (smiles) the flower arch where we got married was unlike we had imagined. Beautifully put together and added a wonderful pop of color. One other thing about the centerpieces, I (Kate) started to cry when I saw the dinning room for the first time. I didn't cry at any other time that day, but when I saw the dinning room and how romantic it looked, I teared up.

Lastly, the bridesmaid (& Kate's) bouquet were perfect! I loved mine, but the bridesmaid's bouquets were lovely. I want those flowers in my apartment everyday!  Bob - you were wonderful to work with. The quality of your flowers is magnificent.

Thank you so much for all you did for us.


Kate & Chris

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